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LoL coaching guides have become a hot commodity in the recent League of Legends revolution. The most successful League of Legends players have been earning millions right now because they know how to coach their games. So if you’re thinking of becoming one of the best League of Legends coaches, it’s certainly not impossible. It just takes some research and the right information on where to find good coaches.

the best League of Legends coaching

Before anything else, you should be clear about something: coaching is a two-way street. In other words, you cannot just hire someone to coach your team and expect that he will be able to do wonders with your team. You need to be open and honest with your team’s coach so he can understand exactly what is happening with the players. Communication is key, so make sure you get that in order.

When searching for League of Legends coaching websites, the first thing you need to look for are tools such as match history graphs and the ability to track your win rate stats. You should also get to see some actual examples of game strategies posted by the coaches who are available. These coaches should also have the necessary tools to measure things such as AP and kills. If you want, you can even test these things out. Just set up your own dummy account and play with your friends or guides to see how these strategies fair against real players. Some League of Legends coaching websites even have examples of actual games played using these strategies.

Another thing you should look for is coaching tips for all skill ranges. There are certain skills that only effective coaches can teach and these include farming, jungle farming, and lanes and objectives. You should also have to have basic knowledge on champion mechanics as well as the basics of juggling. In this way, you can properly identify the needs of your players so you can coach them effectively according to their needs.

Next, you should find a coach who can communicate clearly and effectively. This means that you must be able to listen to their questions. You should be able to clearly understand what they are trying to tell you. You must also be able to follow up on your players’ needs and suggestions. You should always be willing to teach new strategies to your players as well as give out new strategies.

Finally, you must be able to make quick and correct decisions. Being able to do this allows you to coach effectively because you do not need to consult others before taking action. You can just do it right away and make positive results. However, you must also know how to take the positive results and turn them into victories. Many of the top League of Legends coaching websites feature several examples of coaches who were able to do just this.

There are a lot of things that you must consider when looking for the best League of Legends coaching websites. The information that you get will definitely help you determine which coaches are good and which coaches are not so good. As mentioned earlier, some of the best League of Legends coaching websites offer free coaching, so you might want to check these out first. After all, you never know whether these coaches really know what they are talking about or not.

It is also a great idea to visit the websites of the pros and find out why they do what they do. The information on these coaching websites is also very useful, especially since they are created by the pros themselves. Try to look for a balance between information and stories, and try to look for coaching articles that will also provide tips and strategies. As you work with these coaches and get better at League of Legends, it will only be a matter of time until you could teach others just like you how to be a professional League of Legends player.