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A train trip to Canada is the best way to see some of our country’s most spectacular scenery. A train trip allows you to take long distance trips that are less expensive than traveling by road. There are train trips that will take you through both the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. You can even visit a few of our national parks while on your way to Canada.

Travel via Canadian railroad

If you’re not familiar with the Canadian train route, it’s a great way to learn about our country. Our trains run throughout our vast country, and you can stop at various towns along the way to take in the sights. The best part about this type of trip is that it allows you to see many of our most spectacular nature areas. It will take about three and a half days to see all of the Canadian provinces and territories with a train. This is why it’s a good idea to plan your trip so that you can include nights in some of the larger cities along the way.

Alberta is Canada’s third largest province. Calgary is the capital city of Alberta and is one of the best places to visit for its culture and nightlife. The West Edmonton Park offers great hiking and biking trail. The Rideau River is also a popular hiking destination and offers some beautiful river kayaking adventures.

British Columbia is Canada’s third largest province and contains Vancouver Island and Okanagan. Travel via Canadian railroad from Kelowna to Vancouver Island. Once in Vancouver, you can head up to the Okanagan and stay in a picturesque hotel such as the Fairmont Hotel or the Royal Gorge Hotel. If you love the Pacific Ocean and surfing, you can travel via train from Victoria to Squamish and stay at the Rainbow Hotel on Main Street. The Pacific Highway runs right through Squamish and you can reach the ferry that crosses the Pacific Ocean.

British Columbia’s Okanagan valley is home to the world’s highest ski area. You can find many remote locations that are only accessible by train. Hike the famous Trans Canada Trail or just enjoy the peacefulness of the valley floor. A number of wineries surround the area and a few excellent hiking trails.

Ontario is Canada’s largest province and the most populous one. Toronto is the cultural, economic and political capital of Canada and the reason many tourists visit here. Travel via Canadian railroad from Toronto to Kitchener. There are several stops in Kitchener before heading towards Niagara on the Canadian Pacific Railway.

There are numerous points of interest in Western Canada. While in Thunder Bay, Canada, you can visit Thunder Bay Village and see the First Nation people living in their traditional way of life. Also in this city, you can enjoy the old downtown area and shop at one of the many malls featuring contemporary designer boutiques. Sudbury is Canada’s third largest city. The natural beauty of the area is stunning. Travel via Canadian railroad from Sudbury to Grande Prairie.

Travel via Canadian railway to Montreal and experience the unique culture of Canada. The train will take you through the spectacular landscapes and villages of Quebec. Traveling this way is certainly a unique way to see Canada. The journey will also give you a glimpse into the history of the area.

Travel via Canadian railroad to Kitchener and travel back through time to Victorian times. This old town has been turned into one of the top art galleries in Western Canada. This train ride through Western Canada will allow you to experience history at its best.

Travel via Canadian railway to Grande Prairie and experience an old-fashioned town with lots of shops and interesting places to see. The train line passes through many beautiful towns that contain art galleries as well as heritage buildings. At the end of your trip through Western Canada, return to Toronto via the Toronto Princess rail line. Travel via train to Sherbrooke, Que., which is only about an hour and forty minutes away by way of the CPR. You can also travel to Calgary via train and take a trip to the Canadian Rockies, which is only about two hours away by way of the Calgary airport.

Travel via Canadian railway to Ottawa, which is only about two hours away by way of the Ottawa airport. Travel via train to Prince Albert, which is located in the heart of Banff National Park. Once there, you can take a hike to one of the world’s famous mountains. Travel via Canadian railway to Thunder Bay, which is home to the historic Forticles of Thunder Bay. Travel via train to Kitchener, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Western Canada. Travel via Canadian railway to Vancouver, which is a popular tourist destination for travelers from Western Canada, because it is less than an hour away by way of the BC ferry.