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Calgary, Alberta is a vibrant city that is the gateway to Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Calgary International Airport is one of the busiest airports in North America and it is the second busiest international airport in Canada after Toronto’s Yonge and Ellesmere Airport. The city also offers flights to all major cities in Canada and worldwide destinations such as London, Bermuda, and Paris. Calgary International Airport (Calgary/ED) is the busiest airfield in Calgary and is the main airport for Calgary International Airlines.

Calgary flights to Edmonton

The city of Calgary was incorporated as a city in February, 1923 and is one hundred and eighty-three kilometres from the Pacific Ocean. Calgary is the third largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest city in the province of Alberta. Calgary’s metropolitan area is the province’s economic centre and has one of the best employment growth rates in the province. It is also the fastest growing urban centre in Canada.

Calgary International Airport is the western terminus for Trans Canada Airlines. Calgary was the second busiest airport in Canada and is one of the busiest airports in North America. Calgary has the largest privately owned refinery in Canada and one of the largest electrical power plants in the Western Canada. The city also possesses one of the best infrastructures in Canada, an excellent transport system, and one of the largest man-made parks in Calgary.

As Calgary is just thirty-eighty kilometers from the International Airport, Calgary flights to Edmonton are well accessible. Calgary’s International Airport is situated in the heart of the city, west of the Bow River. There are direct Calgary flights to Edmonton from all major cities in Canada, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Calgary’s International Airport is one of the busiest airports in North America, second only to Houston’s Hobby Airport.

Another advantage of flying from Calgary to Edmonton is that the fly in the environment is excellent. Calgary was the first Canadian city to be connected to all the major airlines worldwide and this has made it easily accessible to international travelers. Calgary is served by two international airports; Calgary International Airport and Edmonton International Airport. With low-cost airlines like Ryan Air and Trans Canada flying to Calgary frequently, flying to Edmonton is also very economical.

The cost of Calgary flights to Edmonton can be very affordable. As there are a wide range of Calgary flights to Edmonton from different airlines and different airports, the cost of the flight will depend on the time of the year, the day of the week, the time of the day, and the route taken. Calgary is served by one of the three major air travel carriers operating in Canada. Airlines include Canadian airline WestJet Airlines, Canadian air carrier Sunwing Airlines, and Houston’s Skywards Airlines. All of these airlines operate flights from and to Calgary. The weather in Calgary is quite pleasant most of the year and there are a number of events, parks, malls, and the Calgary Winter Festival held every February to March, which attract many tourists.

During the summer, Calgary experiences a very hot and humid climate which makes flying during the summer months a little bit more expensive. In addition, it also tends to get really crowded at times which is not good for business travelers or those who are travelling with families. The best time of the year to fly to Calgary from Edmonton would be during the months of May, June and July.

In terms of the international side of Calgary flights to Edmonton, this is also an appealing city for both business travelers and tourists. The economy and budget airlines all tend to offer comfortable and cheap accommodation facilities. There are a variety of places that one could visit during their stay in the city including the famous Bal Calgary World, Royal Albert Hall, the Canada Aviation Museum, and much more. Calgary is also Canada’s Cowboy Capital, which explains the fact that there is a lot of travel and tour companies that operate from here all throughout the year.