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Douglas Ebenstein, who served as a member of the board for many years at Boca Raton’s Eden Center, has died. Known throughout Palm Beach County as a respected real estate broker and community leader, he was well-known among his peers for being especially helpful with issues involving the Palm Beach County assessor. His willingness to take on these complex financial issues was legendary, but he also often tried to keep the tax agency within budget so that his customers could continue to enjoy their great homes.

Douglas Ebenstein 40 Years in real estate services
Douglas Ebenstein 40 Years in Real Estate Services

A native of New York City, Douglas Ebenstein came to Palm Beach County as a young man. He attended Pepperwood College in North Palm Beach, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in history. After graduation, he worked for several years for IBM in the accounting department before deciding to enter the world of real estate services. His luck, along with his experience, caught the eye of Boca Raton real estate broker Johnnie Gill who quickly hired him as a realtor in the Town of Boca.

Although Douglas Ebenstein had worked for many years in real estate services, it was the move to Boca Raton that really distinguished him from other agents in the market. Boca Raton is a beautiful beach town in Florida and was one of the first established Palm Beach resorts for families. Real estate here was affordable and available to middle class families, thanks in large part to the large number of affluent, educated Boca residents who were attracted to the town by the special attractions that the area had to offer. Boca Raton became a popular vacation destination for celebrities, including members of the Royal Family, who were drawn to the town’s idyllic environment and its easy access to beautiful Palm Beach.

From his vantage point in Boca Raton, Douglas Ebenstein saw that there was a lucrative business to be had in real estate and began to commission new projects, some of which were based on the successful real estate offerings of Boca Raton homes for sale by the Royal Family. It was an almost unbelievable success, but one that Ebenstein could not appreciate while working for the company. As he neared the end of his six-year employment with IBM, he was offered the chance to pursue a position as a real estate broker in Boca Raton, but he had other ideas.

Instead of moving back to Palm Beach, Douglas Ebenstein decided to pursue what had become one of the most lucrative businesses in real estate services. He bought several Palm Beach real estate properties and turned them around and added new rooms and renovations. While some of his deals did not work out, most of them did. Boca Raton is now known as Palm Beach Country and has come a long way from the Boca Raton that Ebenstein first saw when he first purchased those Boca Raton homes for sale. His experience as a real estate broker has allowed him to take all of the advantages that are associated with real estate in Palm Beach County.

Douglas Ebenstein has seen some of the ups and downs of the real estate industry and has been able to manage deals that have turned around some of the most troubled cities in the United States. Boca Raton is no exception, and Douglas Ebenstein is in charge of turning those losses into profits. When Boca Raton real estate needs a face lift, it usually turns out well. Real estate agents in Palm Beach County have seen their revenues increase for the last few years, thanks in large part to the popularity of Douglas Ebenstein and his knack for turning around troubled real estate properties.

It might not be surprising for anyone to think of Douglas Ebenstein as a type of guru of real estate. In fact, Douglas Ebenstein is certified by the American Society of Real Estate Agents. He has been called the real estate “maestro” by The New York Times Magazine for several years. A lot of his success has come from the fact that he is able to get along with just about everyone in the real estate business. While some of his techniques are a little out of the ordinary, most of what he does can be described as standard fare for people in this field.

Douglas Ebenstein knows how to deal with people. His ability to make friends and strike up good relationships throughout the industry helps him get the best deals for his customers. Douglas Ebenstein is definitely a real estate guru who knows what he’s doing when it comes to helping people buy and sell real estate. Douglas Ebenstein’s reputation will continue to grow as more people learn of his incredible work ethic and sincerity.