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With a merchant account you can accept payment methods in many different ways. Choosing a payment method from among the given credit card forms is the best way to get the most out of your service.

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Accepted Payment Methods From the Credit Card Forms: You will want to add payment types from the credit card forms in your online account. Type the transaction type, select the merchant payment type, and select the payment mode. This will provide you with options from which you can choose the best payment method for your business. To find the type of payment that you will accept, look at the fields provided for each card type on the card reader or terminal.

Credit Cards: Look on the bottom of the card for the three-digit code, which indicates the card’s credit card number. Use this number in addition to the merchant name and billing address to enter the merchant information on your website. You can also provide a telephone number and a physical mailing address for your customers to receive a check in the mail. This will save you money on shipping and handling and help you make it easier to track transactions as they are received.

Debit Cards: These are issued through the same process as a credit card. However, a debit card will have a logo and your company name on it. This will make it more appealing to your customers and it will increase your sales. However, you must ensure that your customers can only use the debit card to make purchases using your company’s funds.

Electronic Checks: Many merchants accept electronic checks as a form of payment. Your website should accept them without charge. If you do accept checks, ensure that the checks are from a reputable company, because you can lose money if your customers write bad checks.

Cash: Cash, which is widely accepted today, can be returned directly to the customer or stored for later withdrawal. It will cost your business money to store your customer’s check, but it won’t cost you anything to cash it out. That said, if you don’t accept cash you will not have the ability to give a refund to your customer.

Gift Cards: Gift cards, which are often offered by large retailers, can be redeemed for goods or services by your customers. When these items are redeemed by the retailer will pay for them in their name. Gift cards usually have expiration dates and can only be used once. You can either accept a card number or an EIN number to accept gift cards from a particular store.

You can accept payment methods in various ways. However, there is no reason you should choose one payment method over another.

Credit Cards: Credit cards can be expensive, especially when you add in the price of the purchase. In addition, the processing fees for credit cards can be very high. However, if you accept these cards, your website will have the capability to accept orders from all locations. If you accept them, you can keep your overhead and profits low.

Cash: Cash is a common way to pay for a product or service and the amount is easy to track. However, if you do not accept this payment method, you could lose sales and customers.

Electronic Checks: Electronic checks, which are accepted by most merchants, are safe and fast to process and allow you to send out checks in a matter of minutes. They are accepted by most credit card processors. Because they are so convenient, many consumers prefer to use these as their first option when making payments. Although they do cost a little, they are worth the extra price.

Keep in mind that when you accept payments for items, you should offer your customers the ability to pay with each one, unless your site is specifically designed to accept all forms of payment. This way you will be able to accept a wide range of payment methods.