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The use of light therapy has been in the past for different skin conditions such as warts, spider veins, melasma and other similar conditions. It is also known as photodynamic treatment. It is considered an easy and painless procedure. Blue light treatment becomes photodynamic treatment when it is combined with a high intensity light source and a combination of photoshycin (or photo-sensitizers) and photolysis (a type of enzymatic reaction).

One of the major benefits of this treatment for spider veins is that it is not invasive. There is no surgery involved, and the patient does not have to spend any time in a hospital bed. The procedure is relatively inexpensive and very quick and convenient. There is no recovery time either. After a few days, the vein will be fully healed and there will be no visible scarring.

Blue Light Therapy Pen For Varicose Veins

blue light therapy

Spider veins are the result of a fluid buildup beneath the skin. It results from abnormal production of the collagen protein fibronectin, which is responsible for the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. This fluid builds up on the veins and forms what we know as spider veins. This condition is usually associated with obesity and aging. Although not very common, the condition can also occur in people suffering from diabetes and heart diseases.

This fluid usually contains two dark pigments called melanin and elastin. When the fluid is present in large quantities, it can turn the skin dark in color. This is referred to as hyperpigmentation. The dark pigments are responsible for causing the skin to appear spidery. There are several treatments available for the treatment of this condition.

A special type of laser is used to treat spider veins removal. This therapy is known as a photothermolysis. This light treatment causes the skin to be damaged and darken in color by the action of an ultra-violet light beam. The heat emitted by the laser causes the skin to lose the pigments, which cause the spider veins to break apart and drop off.

A light therapy pen can help to get rid of spider veins in a shorter time. If you are looking for a natural treatment for spider veins, then the light pen is an option. It is safe and effective and you can use it anywhere that laser therapy is available.

Blue light therapy has many benefits over other methods, such as dermabrasion and chemical peels. There is no downtime, there is no pain or discomfort, and there is no need to take any medication.

Although light therapy may not be as permanent as some of the other options, it is one of the more effective options. With laser therapy, you may be able to remove a spider vein in a matter of weeks, but the results are never permanent. This is due to the fact that new spider veins are forming all the time.