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I recently attended a seminar on Boca Raton Real Estate. This was a lecture that was put on by the Alan and Julia Barton Real Estate Institute in association with the Assessor’s Office of the City of Boca Raton. The seminar was to be held in the Boca Raton office of the Nelson Mullins Real Estate and Consulting.

Norm Ebenstein Boca Raton

I had a wide variety of interesting questions that I had hoped to have answered. Among my questions were about Boca Raton Real Estate, Equity Investment and real estate appraisals. I will try to answer those questions in my next article.

Mr. Norman Ebenstein, President of the Nelson Mullins Boca Raton Corporate Center, was interviewed in a seminar that is presented in conjunction with the Office of the Assessment. There are two or three different real estate firms here in Boca Raton, which make this city one of the most desirable cities in America.

One of the participants in the seminar was here in Boca Raton as well. It was a seminar held at the Douglas Ebenstein’s condo on North Dixie Highway. The couple, Norm and Helen, and their daughters Lisa and Melissa took part in the seminar along with the Office of the Assessor’s.

Norm Ebenstein Boca Raton, along with his wife, Helen, is well known to many people because he has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Allan and Julia Barton corporation. In his time with them, he has helped to build Boca Raton into what it is today. He currently serves as its president. But it should be noted that he did this prior to his retirement in 1993.

The reason why this question cameup was because one of the other participants in the seminar was an older man that belonged to the Sixties Generation. He has not seen much improvement in his life. He was born in 1955 and has never seen much change in his life.

That was a nice thing for me to hear because he told me that his young son used to spend all of his time trying to get him to go to different colleges. He said that although he likes his son, he really does not know what his future holds.

I will add to this story that he said that he will need to see a reduction in class size, and that will lead to him getting out of college and having a career. And he said that he did not think he wants to be stuck in an education institution. He also mentioned that he used to work in the corporate sector, but that he was laid off and had to take whatever job he could find.

I also asked him if he knew much about Boca Raton, or even whether he would consider buying some mall property or something else. He laughed when I asked him that, but that he will probably be talking to his son about the possibility of renting to him in the future.

After I finished asking the questions of the questions, Mr. Norman Ebenstein, the president of the Allan and Julia Barton Corporation, and the current CEO of Boca Raton Real Estate International, the Nelson Mullins Real Estate and Consulting, came up to the podium. I can say that he looked a lot younger than his years. His wife stood next to him, and they smiled, waved and gave the thumbs up sign.

The seminar was designed to help those who have yet to purchase real estate in Boca Raton. The course was also designedto give those who have already purchased homes in Boca Raton and are looking to sell them, some tips on how to improve their properties.

You can find a link to that seminar in my article below, and you can also find a link to Norm Ebenstein’s article on “Boca Raton” in the Resources section of my website. For those who have not read that article, it will give you a general idea about Boca Raton.