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One of the most popular methods of detoxing and balancing your internal clock is through Absolute Sanctuary retreats. A group of people will get together and go on a high level vacation, complete with activities like Yoga classes, meditation sessions, sweat lodge and spa days, etc. These retreats can be a great way to relax and be happy, especially when you are looking for a way to detox.

After a few months of detoxification process, I had my wisdom teeth out, and that was the first time I really needed to get rid of all that toxic waste. This was when I decided to take a yoga retreat in Thailand, with a fully qualified, licensed, and highly trained Yoga instructor.

During the trip, it was also a good idea to learn more about my detox method, so I was more prepared for the trip. You can detox naturally, without having to undergo surgery, or an over the counter detox product, but you do need to find out which toxins you need to eliminate in order to reach a balanced body.

I wanted to start by designing my own strict detox diet, and watch it closely. I was under the impression that I should eat only organic foods, as that was all I could afford. I also decided to stick to only drinking juice and water, rather than coffee and alcohol.


The point of my own detox method was to balance my food intake and to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. I also wanted to add in much fruit and vegetable intake and still have a very low calorie diet. I am also a big fan of acupuncture, which helps to bring your energy levels back to a higher state of being.

When I was preparing for the trip, I found out there were two different types of detox methods available. I did not know this at the time, but Bio Impedance Analysis is also a good method fordetoxing.

The problem with many detox products is that they rely on caffeine to speed up the process of eliminating the toxins from the body. For me, doing this was harmful to my health. I wanted to use a detox method that would eliminate the toxins naturally, without having to use a detox product.

With all the therapies that I was learning on this trip, I decided to use a holistic approach, using only the body’s natural ability to detox. It worked well, and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to get into yoga. After the detox process was over, I noticed that I had gained more energy and had the ability to sleep better, and after only a few weeks, I felt great.