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Perhaps you haven’t considered booking a Spa class at your local yoga retreat thailand koh samui? Maybe you are tired of traveling long distances and just want a relaxed stay at home. Whatever your reasons for wanting to take a Holiday at a Thai Massage spa then we have a lot to help you. In this article we will share with you information on arranging a Spa class at your Holiday villa in Thailand.

Of course, before you go on your Holidays in Thailand it would be great if you book a Spa class with the Massage Spa in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. After all there is a big difference between a Thai massage and a western spa. Even the best European spa won’t give you the same results as the Thai’s Traditional Massage techniques. Therefore the spa in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai is an ideal place to go for a Western massage.

Massages in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are also very popular. You can find many Hotels near these places that offer The Spa class or Massage class. Most of these hotels even offer International massage classes where they combine Traditional Thai Massage with massage techniques from North East Asia.


Sun Salutation in Chiang Mai is the best part of any Therapeutic Massage class. This was the traditional form of massage. The Ayurvedic style of massage use the various parts of the body to heal you and bring back your energy. If you’re looking for a warm soothing massage there is nothing better than Thai Massage.

What about heading to a Thai Massage Spa and doing some yoga retreats in a Thailand yoga retreat? Many spas offer Yoga retreats and Thai Yoga. It is the perfect combination of Yoga and Thai Massage, particularly with Therapeutic Massage. A spa class and yoga retreat at the same time are quite popular and many spas do the class and have yoga classes at the same time.

Massage doesn’t have to mean a full-blown spa. Sometimes just a massage and a hot Chiang Mai and Bangkok massage will work just as well. Your accommodation may only be a few minutes walk from a Thai Massage spa which will give you that warm relaxing massage and go on a relaxing Yoga retreat with you.

In fact, if you really are wanting to go on a holiday and don’t want to be in the UK then you could try and book a Spa class and go on a Thai Massage retreat with your Thai Massage class. In this way you would get your Massage from a Thai Therapeutic Massage therapist as well as get the Thai massage. Then, when you return from your holiday, you could continue to get the Thai massage at the spa for more of the Therapeutic Massage.

All that’s required is a little bit of research and you should find that there are many spas to choose from and then after booking that can be scheduled in a day or you can do it through the year. It really is just a matter of scheduling your holiday in the same way that you do for an International massage class or Thai Massage class. It is such a relaxing experience and you will feel the difference on your return from your holiday.